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Gia's story

Gia is a low class Saiyan, and a Planet Vegeta survivor. Her parents were warned by Bardock about Frieza's plan, and sent Gia to Namek. For 25 years, she lived on Namek and became close to the Grand Elder. When Frieza and King Cold first arrived on Namek, Gia was horrified. Piccolo reassured her that she was safe with the Namekians, and that her fears were pointless. However, he was proved wrong after Cold raped her. This sent her into a deep depression. When Frieza was fighting Goku, Gohan sent her to Earth. She wishes that she had stuck around to help kill Frieza and avenge her family.

Dizzy from going and making mistakes...  by nomnomnomzapalee
Rolling Gia by nomnomnomzapalee
So, Gia played Hetaoni... by nomnomnomzapalee
In this moment of darkness... by nomnomnomzapalee

However, she can be extremely competitive and arrogant. She enters every fighting tournament in hopes that she'll win someday. When she isn't feeling depressed, she's the sweetest, bubbliest girl you'll ever meet. She can also be a bit absent-minded.

Rebel by nomnomnomzapalee
The now-not-so-secret rebellion by nomnomnomzapalee

Gia is a tall Saiyan girl. She has medium sized breasts, and she looks toned and fit. Her hair is black and goes down to her waist. Her eyes are black and sparkle when she's happy. She also has a scar on her right cheek, which she got in a fight.

My dreams lay in shattered pieces around me by nomnomnomzapalee

Zapalee's story

Zapalee is a prototype for Eggman's human-like robots. However, she refuses to obey him, as she has common sense and knew he was evil. As a result, Eggman began to beat her. She put up with the torture for 18 years before deciding that it was time to escape. Today, she lives freely, and has a family. But since she's British, she can't cook for shit.

The one disadvantage to being British (updated) by nomnomnomzapalee
Game Over by nomnomnomzapalee

Despite her intense hatred towards Eggman, she secretly likes him and only wants him to respect her. Sometimes she'll protect him from danger, even risking her life for him. She just wants to start over with him... So they'll be friends.

Friendship between enemies by nomnomnomzapalee
Even though he wouldn't save me, I'm saving him. by nomnomnomzapalee

Zapalee's appearance:

She has shoulder length black hair. Her eyes are bright red, but her left eye is duller than the other. She's blind in that eye. Her bangs always cover her blind eye. She has a scar running down her right eye. She has small breasts.

The Disappearance of Zapalee Nightmara by nomnomnomzapalee


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  • " Aren't you going to say something?"
  • " And I thought I loved you."
  • " And I thought you loved me."
  • " Angry. I'm.. I'm angry."
  • " Aren't you even going to cry?"
  • " Are you going to cry?"
  • " Are you crying?"
  • " Are you okay?"
  • " Ask if I'm okay. Just ask."
  • " And this is why I don't want to stay anymore."
  • " Addiction isn't the way to go, ___ "
  • " Are you angry with me?"
  • " Are you afraid?"
  • " And now is the part where we say goodbye."
  • " And now you're going to leave me!"
  • " Are you just going to leave me?"
  • " Be friends with someone else."
  • " Boy/Girlfriend? Is that what you thought I meant?"
  • " Because you're such an ass and I- I just hate you!"
  • " But I've changed."
  • " But you've changed."
  • " Buy yourself something nice. Because I don't want this ring."
  • " But.. you're still alive?"
  • " Can't you just let me be happy for one?!"
  • " Can't you be happy for once?
  • " Can't you just be happy for me?"
  • " Come on, leave already!"
  • " Coward. That's all you are. A coward."
  • " Do you even know what you've done to me?"
  • " Do you have any remorse? "
  • " Don't you dare close your eyes on me!"
  • " Don't you dare die."
  • " Don't you care about me/her/him/them anymore?"
  • " Don't give me that look"
  • " Don't you want me to be happy?"
  • " Dammit! Everything was just starting to get better and then you do this!"
  • " Damn you."
  • " Don't lie to me."
  • " Don't like to him/her/them."
  • " Dammit.. Fuck! Fuck, fuck, fuck! You fucking ass!"
  • " Everything is fucked up now- everything is fucked because of you!"
  • " Everything's gone to hell."
  • " Everyone hates me."
  • " Everyone hates you."
  • " Everything hurts."
  • " Everything's going to be okay."
  • " Everyone loves you, not me."
  • " Everything is falling apart."
  • " Everything fell apart and I can't pick up the pieces anymore."
  • " For someone whose dying, you seem kind of happy."
  • " Friends forever, right? Isn't that what you said?"
  • " Fuck off!"
  • " Fuck you!"
  • " Find a new place to live."
  • " Find a new girlfriend/boyfriend."
  • " Find a new best-friend."
  • " Fine. I'll leave."
  • " Forever and ever. That's how long I said I loved you. But you never said it back."
  • " Fucking hell, I hate you!"
  • " Get lost!"
  • " Get a job, you ass!"
  • " Get out of here!"
  • " Go get a life."
  • " Go. Just go."
  • " How are you still alive?"
  • " How long are you going to keep this up?"
  • " How long until you finally get lost?"
  • " How about I just leave."
  • " Hold up. You're breaking up with me?"
  • " Heaven doesn't exist."
  • " Hell is the only place we're going to be going."
  • " How about you leave now?"
  • " Is this how you're going to treat me?"
  • " I can't believe you."
  • " I'm a monster."
  • " I killed someone."
  • " I want to kill myself."
  • " I want to kill something."
  • " I'm running away."
  • " I'm leaving you."
  • " I can't look at you right now."
  • " I hope you die!"
  • " I don't understand."
  • " I'm so angry/sad. But you don't care."
  • " I can't hear anything."
  • " I'm dying."
  • " I have cancer."
  • " I can feel the darkness coming."
  • " I can't breathe."
  • " Just joking, I don't love you."
  • " Just go."
  • " Just leave me alone!"
  • " Just fuck off."
  • " Kill yourself. "
  • " Kindly get the hell away from me."
  • " Kids? I don't want kids."
  • " Kind. That's the one thing you can never manage to be."
  • " Lie. Just lie."
  • " Lie to me."
  • " Life is not worth living."
  • " Living isn't possible."
  • " Like I give a shit about you."
  • " Lies are all you're capable of."
  • " Lay down. It'll all be over soon."
  • " My heart is broken. "
  • " My.. everything hurts."
  • " My girlfriend/boyfriend left."
  • " My ____ is dead."
  • " Man, you're an asshole."
  • " My lies aren't working anymore."
  • " Mutt."
  • " Many times I lay awake and wonder why I'm alive anymore."
  • " Never again."
  • " Never speak to me again."
  • " No. I won't do it."
  • " No, I don't like you like that."
  • " No way in hell!"
  • " Now, now, is there really any reason to cry?"
  • " Now and again I really start to hate you."
  • " No. Stop crying, just stop it."
  • " Not how I wanted to spend my life."
  • " Never look at me again."
  • " People hate me."
  • " People hate you."
  • " Person? No, no. You're not a person. You're a robot."
  • " People like you sicken me."
  • " People like you deserve to die."
  • " Perhaps you should just leave, then."
  • " Piss off."
  • " Question:why are you still here?"
  • " Quiet. I'm getting sick of hearing your voice."
  • " Run away. That's what I'm doing."
  • " See? I hate you."
  • " See? You hate me."
  • " Sometimes I wonder why you stay with me."
  • " So.. you hate me, then?"
  • " So this is how it ends."
  • " Shoot me."
  • " Shit..."
  • " So why are you still here?"
  • " Sometimes people lie to me."
  • " Stories are just that. Stories."
  • " Took off with everything I had!"
  • " Time to go."
  • " This is the end. It's done."
  • " The story is ending now."
  • " This is the end."
  • " This is why I hate you."
  • " Then why do you say you love me?!"
  • " Unlike you I have friends."
  • " Unlike me, you have friends"
  • " Under the bed is were I have to hide from you."
  • " Underwater is where i want me coffin to be."
  • " Utter it again and I swear I'll kill you!"
  • " Very mature. Cunt."
  • " Why can't you row up?"
  • " Why cant you care about me?"
  • " Why do you hate me?"
  • " Why do I hate you?"
  • " What do you mean?"
  • " What?You're dying?"
  • " Why can't you just be you."
  • " When am I supposed to get my time to be happy?'
  • " Well. This isn't how it was supposed to end between us."
  • " Whatever, you asshole."
  • " Whenever you decide you can stand to talk to me ago, please do."
  • " Well. I hate you now."
  • " Well, you hate me now."
  • Mood: Resentful
  • Reading: blueprints for my evil schemes
  • Watching: Cubette and Orbette fight AGAIN


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Vegetafan1019 Featured By Owner 1 day ago  Hobbyist Traditional Artist
(So how do we start this one??)
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Iva- I'm finally done! *laughs* hunter, check it out!
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Hunter: *flies over* what is it?
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(So I was wondering what would happen if Gia was good and Hunter was evil and she lived with Eggman and Gia lived with Sonic)
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((or if gia and hunter were evil and they try to kill sonic and his friends))
Vegetafan1019 Featured By Owner Nov 15, 2014  Hobbyist Traditional Artist
(But they get reformed after they were captured by Sonic because he thinks they could help him defeat Eggman.)
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((but gia is harder to reform because she sees eggman as her father))
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Vegetafan1019 Featured By Owner Nov 14, 2014  Hobbyist Traditional Artist
Eggman: *finds Iva nearly dead and takes her back to the hideout but kidnaps Hunter cuz he thinks she tried to kill her*
Hunter: *didn't even try to get away*
nomnomnomzapalee Featured By Owner Nov 14, 2014
Iva- let... me... die...
-he realizes that she shot herself-
Vegetafan1019 Featured By Owner Nov 14, 2014  Hobbyist Traditional Artist
Eggman: no! *takes her back to the hideout but still has Hunter with him and just throws her on a cell then heals Iva*
nomnomnomzapalee Featured By Owner Nov 14, 2014
Iva- *tries to fight it* stop... i dont wanna... please kill me...
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Vegetafan1019 Featured By Owner Nov 10, 2014  Hobbyist Traditional Artist
Hunter: Tails of anyone should be apologizing it should be me, I shouldn't have snapped at you like I did.
(I'm just goin back to where I remembered the best.)
nomnomnomzapalee Featured By Owner Nov 10, 2014
Tails- no. i was being childish! i should have controlled myself!
Vegetafan1019 Featured By Owner Nov 10, 2014  Hobbyist Traditional Artist
Hunter: you were just jealous. Besides I've never had anyone LIKE me....
nomnomnomzapalee Featured By Owner Nov 10, 2014
Tails- well i should have been more mature.
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Vegetafan1019 Featured By Owner Nov 8, 2014  Hobbyist Traditional Artist
(Did u not get the reply again????)
nomnomnomzapalee Featured By Owner Nov 8, 2014
well i was watching sonic boom and i have so many sonic rp ideas one of them involves eggman accidently turning hunter and gia into hedgehogs and another is eggman finds out about iva and gets all excited but when he meets her she's depressed and that gets him depressed so he tries to help her

and then theres the one where iva pisses off sonic and his friends by constantly shipping sonic with tails and sticks with amy
Vegetafan1019 Featured By Owner Nov 8, 2014  Hobbyist Traditional Artist
Well damn, that's a lot. But I think I like the one where Eggman turns Gia and Hunter into hedgehogs.
nomnomnomzapalee Featured By Owner Nov 8, 2014
XD yas let's do it
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